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Products : Maybrick

Marybrick products
Pricing, Sizes and Colors

An ongoing business for over 60 years, Maybrik created the first high-density, high-fired, self-spacing, thin brick over 30 years ago. They realized that thanks to modern high-pressure equipment, bricks needed only be ¼" thick to serve the same aesthetic and architectural purposes. These bricks would be considerably lighter, easier and less costly to install and have more applications than standard bricks.

Maybrik is still a true, fired clay product but different from brick in that it is suitable for kitchen, den and entryway floors as well as patios, pool decks, fireplace surroundings or driveways. Additionally, thanks to it’s ¼" thickness, it installs as easily as hardwood, laminate, wood, vinyl or carpet.

Practicality: Maybrik goes where ordinary brick can’t! Because of its thickness and weight, conventional brick is often impractical to install as interior flooring. Maybrik changes the picture. Its ¼" thickness makes brick flooring practical… for kitchens, entryways, family rooms,… In most cases, doors do not have to be trimmed; subfloors, recessed; or thresholds, raised.

Easy Care: Maybrik is kept looking its best with a regular routine of damp-mopping and occasional washing with warm water and pinesol. Grouting may need additional cleaning from time to time.

Versatility: Maybrik will add warmth and beauty to any room in your home. And, because it isn’t affected by freezing or thawing, it can be used outside as well as inside. And, Maybrik absorbs heat, making it an excellent choice for passive solar applications.
Maybrick sample image

Lasting Beauty: Maybrik is real kiln-fired clay brick. It has all the natural beauty and wear performance of conventional brick, yet is only ¼" thick. And, Maybrik’s beauty lasts. In fact, its appearance actually grows richer with age.

Virtually Unlimited Design Possibilities: Maybrik gives you the freedom to create your own custom flooring designs. Create borders to add a special touch, or combine Maybrik with wood features strips for an absolutely stunning effect.

Maybrick Pricing: Please contact us for quotes

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Maybrick Sizes and Colors
Size Sample Name Type Code
New England Red Veneer
New England Red Veneer 70000
Weathered White Veneer
Weathered White Veneer 70001
Indian Summer Veneer
Indian Summer Veneer 70002
Palamino Veneer
Palamino Veneer 70006
Sandpiper Veneer
Sandpiper Veneer 70007
Pomei Veneer
Pompei Veneer 70008
New England Paver
New England Red Paver 80000
Indian Summer Paver
Indian Summer Paver 80002
Tan Flash Paver
Tan Flash Paver 80003

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