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Here are some of the more popular product lines we carry:

Go to Allstate Rubber Corp. homepage Commercial flooring products with an unlimited color pallet Allstate Rubber Corp.
Shelmarc Carpets uses cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to craft a wide selection of quality carpet in the latest texture, pattern and color designs. Rely on our experts to help you select the perfect residential or commercial floor covering for your design vision.
Image link to Marybrick products Maybrick offers thin " brick veneer suitable for floors, walls and patios.
Image link to Vintage Lumber products Vintage Lumber transforms reclaimed wood from old barns, homes and factories remilled into beautiful flooring.
Image link to R.C.A. Rubber products Resilience, dimensional stability and endurance are natural characteristics of this nearly maintenance-free rubber flooring crafted by R.C.A. Rubber Co.
Featuring a state-of-the-art lightweight 2'x 2' lay-in gypsum ceiling tile that exceeds all of the required specifications that the market expects Innovative Ceilings Inc.
Go to A.P.C Cork homepage Large selection of cork flooring for residential and commericial use A.P.C Cork

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