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Products : R.C.A. Rubber

R.C.A. Rubber Co.

Flexi-Flor® Sheet Rubber Flooring
Resilience, dimensional stability and endurance are natural characteristics of rubber flooring. It requires little maintenance, provides excellent underfoot comfort, stands up under the most gruelling use, yet retains its beauty and luster for years and years.

Excellent Dimensional Stability
Dimensionally stable rubber is installed in large sheets and can be coved up the wall. It offers a virtually continuous surface, free of seams, cracks or dirt-catching crevices.

R.C.A. Rubber Sample Image

86% More Wear Surface
Our 3/32" (2.38mm) homogeneous Sheet Rubber provides a full .093" (2.38mm) top-to-bottom wear surface. Typical .085" (2.16mm) laminated vinyl has only a .050" (1.27mm) wear surface. Withstands heavy foot traffic for years.

Asbestos Free Formulation

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R.C.A. Rubber Sample Image

Superior Underfoot Comfort
It cushions foot traffic, reduces leg fatigue, enables wheeled equipment to roll freely, quietly and provides firm, non-slip footage.

Resists Stains & Scorch
Rubber resists cigarette scorching. It also provides a surface which is highly resistant to liquids. Most spillage can be wiped clean easily.

No Finish Maintenance
Maintenance consists of cleaning and buffing - no sealers or finishes are required.

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