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Products : Vintage Lumber

Vintage Lumber
There’s no great secret to the exquisite beauty of Vintage Lumber. All it takes is time. Centuries to grow the trees – which flourished in the New World, creating woods with unusually rich colors and tight grains. Then decades more to age the timbers and boards harvested for young America’s buildings, creating unique character and patina in the wood.

Vintage Lumber has been searching out and retrieving these prized woods from buildings on the brink of destruction. And that amount of time shows in the outstanding quality and unmatched beauty of their flooring.

Vintage Lumber Sample Image

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Vintage Lumber Sample Image

What’s the look you have in mind? It may require a certain species of wood, a character, a particular hue – depending on the era or the atmosphere you want to create. And just one wood can’t be to everyone’s taste. That’s why Vintage Lumber offers so many species, so many grades. Perhaps you’re looking for the rare, mellowed character of American chestnut or the rugged strength of aged oak; the warmth of old pine to give the room an immediate sense of history and authenticity or the creamy olive tones of antique poplar. Whatever you’re looking for, your search has ended – Vintage Lumber has the greatest variety of antique woods available.

All the woods rescued, whether old boards or old beams sawn into boards, are first kiln-dried to minimize seasonal movement. Then, the rough planks are milled with laser precision into high quality flooring. All through the process, Vintage Lumber refines the grading of the lumber by color, character, and of course, by quality. Every board is inspected to show its best side for your flooring. It's a lot of extra steps, but the result is a stunning floor that will look beautiful for generations to come - and will continue to add value to your investment.

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